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My wife, Helena, and I have owned a Townhouse in the Bell Road area of Northwest Phoenix for many years.

As our work is principally based in Michigan, this Townhouse became a winter venue to escape the cold of Michigan winters. In early January 2023, we decided to sell the Townhouse and move to Anthem, AZ. We contacted Greg Yurkovic, who immediately involved his whole team to sell our Townhouse and locate and purchase a three-bedroom property in Anthem. The Townhouse was placed on the market in the first week of January 2023 and was sold within 4 weeks at an above-average market price. With the help of Greg’s home sales advisors, the marketing, sales, and positioning of the interior of the Townhouse was carried out at lightning speed. With Greg’s diligent help, we located a perfect ‘dream home’ in Anthem. Through Greg’s Reality Group, a mortgage was arranged, all legal aspects were organized, and removal companies were introduced and used. This enabled us to move into our new home on February 27, just seven weeks after we had first contacted Greg and his company.

Keith Niblett

There are few words that come to mind that do justice in capturing how incredible Greg is not only as a realtor, but also as a person.

In several home sales, he has always fought for my family and made recommendations that best suits us, even if it wasn’t best for his business. Right now my family gets to live a beautiful life in our dream home and the only person we have to thank for it is Greg. In the peak of the market and against many other offers, Greg was able to put together the perfect offer that not only won us our home, but put us in an amazing position. This was all while simultaneously selling our other home in an unusually stressful sale. To put the cherry on top, he was able to ensure our sales both closed before our mortgage rate lock expired. So at a time when mortgage rates were rising well above 6%, we were able to get our home for 4%. All of this was due to Greg and the extraordinary work that he put in for us and the passion that he shows not only for his job, but also for his clients. The only regret that I have is that I probably won’t ever be buying another house from him since he was able to score us our forever home. Thank you, Maracia Rigsby

Maracia Rigsby

Shannon McElwee was great to work with because she has a positive attitude and excellent /creative negotiation skills.

In this weirdly competitive market it is easy to get discouraged that you will find a property that meets your needs. We had been looking for a house for long awhile. we met Shannon at a open house. That house sold for about 25K over asking price. Shannon offered to help us find a house and she DID! Shannon is small in stature but a strong wise negotiator! She is truly amazing. We are grateful for Shannon's help buying our house. Shannon is a blessing!

Donya Sherman

We have worked with Greg and Platinum Realty Group for several years now.

First to sell our house in Glendale. This was a project a year in the making. We were going to be renovating before listing. He walked the house with a designer and advised us of projects we could do that would get us back 2 dollars for every dollar spent. He allowed us to use contractors from his list of preferred vendors. When it came time to sell the house, he had people in his group that staged the home. I think this was key. We sold for over asking in 3 days, and more than satisfied our goal of paying back our renovation budget at 2 to 1. He also found us the current house that we live in. Because of the great experience we had with the sale and purchase, we also purchased a rental investment that Platinum Group also manages for us and hope to purchase another. I anticipate our relationship with Greg and the Platinum Group will last for many years. All of the people we have interacted with at Platinum are professional and very helpful and I consider Greg to be, not only a business partner, but also a friend.

Calvin and Vicki Mills

The Platinum Team has been doing a great job managing our rentals for years.

In addition, Greg recently did an outstanding job on short notice, helping me identify, negotiate, and purchase four rental properties in just 10 days. Here is how he came to the rescue. I sold an income property in Northern AZ. I wanted to use a 1031 exchange to invest in new properties. This placed strict timelines to identify and purchase replacement properties. With less than 10 days of the original 45-day property identification period remaining, my original real estate agent/"friend" (not the Platinum Team) informed me that she was taking a last-minute trip to Mexico. The vacation would consume most of the last 10 precious days. Needless to say, I found myself in a pinch. My wife called Greg. He immediately started his search for properties that met my criteria. He identified numerous properties for me to consider. We viewed them, negotiated the purchase price, closed escrow, and beat the deadline. Next, his team went to work, quickly filling the houses with tenants. The Platinum Team is now doing an excellent job managing those properties. Thank you, Greg, for your quick action! It allowed me to meet the deadline and take advantage of the 1031 exchange. Next time, I will avoid the excitement and call you first!

Gary Vian

"Greg Yurkovic was recommended through my colleague in 2016 for house purchase.

He made a great effort and smart listing to minimize our time of searching and house hunting. I got the house in a very short period of time. .And Greg and his team have been great at managing my property since then."

Hamid Taghavi

We met Greg Yurkovic through our children who have purchased multiple homes with Greg’s assistance.

From the very beginning we were comfortable with the attention he was giving us…not too forceful, yet not too passive either. He seems to “read” people well. Greg took a pragmatic and, also, beneficial approach to help us find the perfect home. We were impressed with his friendly manner, attentive response to our needs, and quick answers to our questions. Without any hesitation, we feel fortunate to have worked with Greg and pleased to recommend his services. Kyle and Deby Blacker San Tan Valley, Arizona

Kyle Blacker

Greg and his team were incredible to work with!

I've sold two homes and watched them stage the house, redecorate the house, take all the work off of my shoulders and then sell for a price I was elated with (on both occasions). I'd absolutely hire him again and suggest you do too. Call me if you want to know more 509-670-1517

Christopher Ashton

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